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Upgrading to Intrepid

I recently upgraded my laptop to the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex beta. Though, not everything went according to my hopes and dreams.

For the first time i thought I’d give it a try and just upgrade the laptop without «safing» by logging out and doing all the commands via TTY1. Most likely, that didn’t have anything to do with any of my issues, but you never know (that’s why I mentioned it! :p ).

First issue (solved)
After the reboot, my Xserver didn’t quite seem to start correctly. I was expecting this since I manually download nVidia’s closed Linux drivers from their website, and this needs to be re-compiled everytime a new Linux kernel is available. So, I tried to install my good old driver, which didn’t work, then I downloaded the latest (177.80) and tried, but still no action. So I just downloaded the driver from the packet manager, nvidia-glx-177, which made it all work again. Well, at least until I started to get annoyed by not being able to install the drivers from nvidia.com, so I removed all installed nvidia driver stuff and manually installed the latest drivers from nVidia. Finally, it worked :happy:

Second issue (solved)
My Openbox w/ Gnome didn’t quite seem to work. Just got an error straigt after logging in which showed me some errors from the ~/.xsession-errors file. After a Googling the issue, it seems that this is a bug and is easily fixed by editing the /usr/bin/openbox-gnome-session file.

Third issue (unsolved)
Now, my third an last issue. My proggyfonts doesn’t seem to be handled correctly in their bold-state in gnome-terminal. They are quite ugly when they are bold, and this is bugging the hell out of me. Haven’t found anyone else with the same issues yet either, so this remains unsolved. Turning off bold text in gnome-terminal works, but that sort of takes away the charm of the terminal. If you have any ideas, I’d appreciate them 🙂